Saturday, April 23, 2011

Books we are reading at Easter

This has been a busy week leading up to Easter so this post may be a bit...brief. Last Thursday we went to he Maundy Thursday service at our church. This when we celebrate the night before Jesus was betrayed when Jesus took a towel, wrapped it around himself and cleaned the feet of his disciples. Little Bug was the youngest one there having his feet washed. I don't have any pictures to post from that but I do have the list of books we have been reading this week to prepare us for Sunday.

The first is The Easter Story, by Patricia Pingry. This is an age appropriate book which includes the story of the foot washing which I liked. It was nice to see Birdy make the connection from the book to what we were doing in church.

Birdy enjoyed Gods Love at Easter by Joy Morgan Davis because it has a nice rhyming rhythm to it. For some reason rhyming books are so much more interesting to young children.

I'm going to include this Easter ABC book even though I wasn't thrilled with it. I just wanted to tell you my thoughts on the subject. I have several objections. The first is that I believe ABC books should be phonetically accurate and X for eXcited just doesn't fit the bill (although I know Xs are hard to find), nor does "K-Knowing Christ". I know that "knowing" does start with a K but trying to talk to my 4 year old about that is frustrating. My second complaint is more theological. Q is for Questions of how?or why? fade away like clouds in a bright blue sky. So am I teaching my daughter not to question anything? S is for Searching we will not do, for Christ lives in me and you. I don't know, I guess I just teach my children to question and search. If your faith is not strong enough to handle a few questions then its not very strong. Just my opinion.
 The last book is The Story of Jesus from Usborne Books. I have to say that I really enjoy Usborne Books. The pages are formatted in a way where there is a very simple narrative at the top of the page for children who maybe need a simpler version of the story. And a more detailed narrative at the bottom of the page for children who can sit still a little longer. For example the top of the page may read,"Jesus went to a garden to pray" but the bottom of the page reads, "Eleven disciples went with him. Judas had gone to tell the enemies of Jesus where to find him." This book is divided in to chapters, starting with the Christmas Story and ending with the Easter Story. In between the two are stories about his life, his miracles, and even the parable of the Good Samaritan.
I hope this book list has been of some interest. I am hoping to include more of our book lists, including books that Ivy and I are reading. We shall see. Hope all of you have a wonderful and happy Easter!

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