Saturday, April 16, 2011

This will all end in tears

So there are several things happening here, all of which need to be explained. I should start by saying that Ivy had a school dance. The middle school, which Ivy attends, has many many dances. It seems to be every body's favorite fundraiser.

A few dances ago a tradition was started amongst Ivy and her friends. This tradition involved Ivy and one or two of her friends riding home on the bus Friday afternoon to all get ready together here at our house. It is a girly day extreme. They take over the house. They turn the radio up and there is a flurry of dresses and make up and hair brushes and gossip.

The atmosphere was so intoxicating that Birdy and I decided to join in. Birdy picked out this nifty little polka dot number and decided that I need to wear it. She chose the watermelon halter. She did my make up, I gave her lip gloss and then I realized, "Its posh frock Friday!" Which leads me to the other thing that is going on...

Posh Frock Friday

I follow many blogs. Most of them have to do with early childhood education, homeschooling, parenting or something similar. There are a couple of exceptions. One would be Scathingly Brilliant. Scathingly Brilliant is written by the adorable Kate, who laments the fact that we girls just don't have enough reasons to dress up. So she invented Posh Frock Friday. Folks from all over can participate and link their posh frock photos up to her blog every Friday. As I stood looking at all of us all dressed up I thought, "Oh how fun!" and I ran and grabbed the camera. And that is when every thing fell apart.
All the excitement completely distressed Bug. Birdy suddenly realized that she did not like dressing up at all and didn't want any photographic reference to the event, so she ran and hid. I didn't get one photo of the fun parts, but did get many of the melt downs.

Some times things seem so good in your head, but then they all end in tears. Maybe we'll have better luck next time Kate.
Ah Well...


  1. I love this Kristin!! Your dress is adorable by the way!!



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