Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let down your hair

When Ivy was little she was WAY in to dolls. If she didn't have dolls to play with she would make them out of rocks of tissue paper. Birdy has never been that child. She has several baby dolls, but they stay in her toy box until a friend comes over and digs them out. She has also never really been in to princesses, so I was a little surprised yesterday when she came to me and insisted she needed a Rapunzel doll and she needed it ASAP! I needed to channel my inner Ivy. I made a quick inventory of what items I had on hand and discovered, to my horror, that it was not a lot. I did have a small amount of pipe cleaners and this is what I came up with
Rapunzel with her long flowing hair.
Eugene, I think he looks dashing!

And last but not least, the witch.

Apparently Birdy was introduced to the movie Tangled and decided to use her new magnetic blocks to build a tower. Once the tower was constructed she decided she needed the characters of the story to go along with it. 

Now I don't want any one to judge my artistic ability on these dolls. You have to remember that I had just a handful of pipe cleaners and an impatient 4 year old so I just kind of threw them together. But they have inspired me. I feel the need to make a run to Hobbily Lobbily for some more materials. Perhaps my next set of dolls will turn out better.
I'll let you know what I came up with!
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  1. You have ALWAYS been artistic and creative, what are you talking about!?! I love it, I think you did a great job! Too cute!! :)



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