Friday, July 27, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Crazy Hair Day!

Way back at the beginning of the summer, I told you that the children and I got together to plan out the themes for our summer camp days. Crazy hair day was one that I was most looking forward to, because I thought they would all let me go nuts doing their hair.

I got the brushes, gel, hairspray, bows and clips together and was ready to let my imagination run wild.

Well...that was not what the children had in mind. They wanted free reign to use all of the products and accessories themselves and couldn't wait to be in charge of their own hair.

In fact the only one who would let me do his hair was Bug.

Birdy didn't want to do her hair at all, but did want to add color. To add the stripes of color in her hair, she rubbed it with wet colored chalk.

 Her friends, on the other hand went crazy with the clips, gel, hairspray, and bows.

Once again, I was reminded that none of this is about me. Allowing the children to have the freedom to control their bodies, even when it is in the silliest way, is a necessary experience.
And they all look FABulous!

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